I’ve been doing it wrong!

OK after looking at the original ‘Reading Around the World’ project, I’ve realised that what I’ve been doing, has been quite different.

The list

Although there is no ‘right’ way to do it, and besides, its my version so I can do it any way that I want. However, I feel as though I’ve been cheated out off the REAL literary experience that I should’ve had.

The pioneer reader looked for authors from different countries, and not stories. But are those authors writing about their own country of origin?

Malaysian writers would write about Malaysia wouldn’t they. In general. But I guess there are those who write about other cultural settings (like the Inspector Singh series).

I realised this fault while reading the ‘Tournament’ by Matthew Reilly. You can tell from the exchanges between characters regarding “Moslem” culture, that he tries to bring out a fair argument with pros and cons – which I think gives-away his position.

Books are about the writer’s opinions, in one way or another, his writing is an extension of his belief system.

Or not, maybe I’m wrong. I’m still new to this ‘book review’ business to have the confidence to say what’s what.


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